Friday, March 15, 2013

Spaceships "InTheSun" - Self released single

Jessie from the Spaceships out of LA sent me their single, and it was a while back now guys I'm not ging to lie...I swear this isn't going to be one of those blogs that apologizes...but sorry Spaceships. I couldn't help but get a good feeling from these guys; living in an Abby Banks punk house, waking up playing music together, screening the shirts themselves, packing up this single on the kitchen table ....AND they're one of those magical music unicorns: A Duo?! It seems like a perfect situation, and exactly what a single was made for.

"In the Sun" on the A-Side: I remember checking out this video and appreciating that ramshackle quality of just having fun, there's no agenda, no music masterplan. Certain personalities like this that don't feel manufactured in any way are inherently awesome. It's that kind of sincerity you can't have a PR team put together for you. Even beyond the obvious personality these guys have, they're working with that kind of Yips sound that I really miss, the hazy, gutsy hiss and fuzz of banging away at this melody, and in this case change Gilmore for Jessie. She's got a similar, not apathetic, but not eally selling it either vibe...just a real laid back damaged junkpile sound. Of course being a duo, they go for this huge sound, all the best parts of that blown out Columbus sound and enhancing it. They defy you to still feel bad about anything after this, you weren't looking to be cheered up or anything, but it works. They're just so damn enthuiastic, like a west coast Hussy and I'm drinking to kool-aid, but I also wonder if this doesn't work on the cynical east coast because when we hear 'everything is fine/ when your sitting in the sun' we go 'oh yea, you're right today totally sucks, she's right'. If you like moustache's just fucking grow one, leave it at that, it's probably not possible but then you shouldn't care about that anyway right?

"Painz" Opens with a big, scuzzytime guitar blown out solo mess of shaped noise. Jessie takes control with this electric melody, squealing out feedback, drawing the sustained reach of this brutish melody. But it's the size I love, a cross between the scuzzy fuzz of Columbus or Madison and that high end static distortion of No Age. This is a laid back swan song to saying goodbye, and this time it's real. Layered and blown out, the backup ooo's are almost an effect. Jessie's vocal cracks, but there's no showing off here, it's nice to hear this kind of real fun coming out of LA, not that it should be serious, living on that coast, but I guess everyone takes these things too serious sometimes.

They will keep me as a fan for life if they promise not to clean this up like Best Coast or Matt & Kim. I really think something gets lost...the immediacy and having to work with what they have...those limitations make the sound.

Could you imagine that logo on one of those grey beach shirts like that desaparaceidos one? I was also thinking if they ever wanted a psyche side project they could call it the spaceshjips...I got a million ideas for these guys. Maybe they have an extra room?

Get it from the band direct on their bandcamp page or site store.

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  1. Love the raw guitar tones and distorted vocals. I could be completely wrong but maybe they are partly influenced by the "Yeah Yeah Yeah's?" Either way I enjoyed it!