Wednesday, March 6, 2013

White Whale "Widow's Peak" on Big Neck Records

Got this one in from White Whale, a three piece from Buffalo, NY. I remember friends with bands in Buffalo, that was the big time, to play a show out there, maybe cross the border for an underage beer. The coolest. Haven't heard much from this part of the country in a while...way off my radar, and that's probably just because they aren't pressing seven inches probably except these guys.

A-Side's "Widow's Peak" is full of rowdy guitars... yes, of the garage variety, but hidden somewhere in there is a real big pop feel with an overlay of just slightly weirdo guitar rhythms and feedback plinking inbetween the jamming riffs. Bashing the cymbals with a precise snare in an almost Abe Vigoda style (haven't heard anything like those guys in a while). Abstract vocal about the ocean in the rock trinity sound, lots of extra guitar layers of panic distortion, Patrick is laying into a melody on top of this and it's urgent, jagged, not laid back at all, really decisive and right in your face...with some uncertainty and looseness it's a nice combination of say... a hardcore sort of Westing (By Musket & Sextant).
"Rats in the snow" this has a darker, faster edge, a real angsty number with deeper grooves cut into hardcore, the chorus of RATS RATS RATS! Head bashing, straight up one note solo time, a thick and heavy wall of distortion and his yelling is coming up over that wall, like Le corde, they're working with those hardcore rough speed elements but still very pop. The quirks keep it interesting and it's got to be a solid probably sweaty live show. Recorded real clean they have an exacting vision, even with the blindfolds on.

Pick up one of these clear dark purple singles from Big Neck Records.

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