Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Livids on Goodbye Boozy Records

It’s one thing that the post office is basically terrible across the board, just mailing a letter can be a trial, or even picking up a damn package to find they sent it back. But with these latest price hikes in shipping international they are really fucking with the COLLECTION OF 7INCHES.
I’ve been checking out Goodbye Boozy since their split Ty and Mikal single a hundred years ago that was gone immediately. Since then they’ve followed that up with another Mikal single and one from The Outdoorsmen...and those are just the ones I’ve heard of. Goodbye Boozy is right on the cutting edge of hopped up garage punk seven-inch antics and this single is no exception. Sadly thanks to the price hikes I’m going to be left with nothing but to check out their bandcamp and the A-side track, "Midnight Stains” from The Livids, who are based down the street... in Brooklyn.

"Midnight stains" on the A-Side come heavy with polarizing late '80s big guitar distortions sounds that are bouncing around with a snarly vocal from Eric Davidson. “Hey! Hey! Hey!,” back and forth across the channels, it's a dense sound with his punchy, upfront attack with lots of guitar work behind every measure. The fingers are flying around these frets but coming back to the four-chord thrust, still aware of those details. He's got a little tremolo control in his vocal, a nod to classy punk and punchy chords with a lead vocalist who can throw his vocal around. This clocks in at a minute twenty and it feels like a car chase every time. But it isn’t garage, its way too polished of a sound, not just in fidelity, the way it’s put together, real attention to detail here, and with a depth of experience, like The Obits. This five piece has both guitars for a little wiggle room when diving off on their own cliffs. And I can't figure out what the midnight stains are exactly...there’s nothing sloppy about this.

I'm also guessing this one is even an EP of 4 tracks if this brief punk burst is anything to go by.

To add insult to injury, you’ll never find all 3 versions of the cover!:

Jeff Glave - edition limit. numer . 80 copies
Scott Pickering - edition limit. numer . 80 copies
Livids - edition limit. numer . 80 copies

These aren’t even available from the bandcamp, you’re gong to have to contact Goodbye Boozy direct at goodbyeboozy (at) or try your usual mailorder distro’s ...or catch a freaking show already.

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