Saturday, May 4, 2013

Live Report from Darren at Third Man - a photo essay

Darren from Velocity of Sound has been texting me live updates on his pilgrimage to Third man Records in Nashville, one I too hope someday to make.

Pics by Darren

A place so awesome their doorknob is even a seven inch!

It's a theme park for vinyl records...there's the actual Vault subscription door!

Jack and Meg day of the dead marionettes!

It's like Christmas for these lucky people. Sadly the 6 inch record cutting booth is down...but was the trip ruined?....WAIT!

It's the fabled record within a record! Do you know what the street value of this store is?

(...and only redheads behind the counter? That's right.)

The legos used in Michel Gondry's video!:

And finally the place where all the records in the world are born, United! (Closed on Saturday FYI.)

Hope you're relaxing with a cold one gnawing on some ribs buddy!

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