Friday, June 7, 2013

Feelings on Urinal Cake Records

The best thing to listen to, the kind of songs that pick me up after a hell of a week with a rainy Friday are this sloppy, jangly, loud whatever-fi tracks from Detroit’s Feelings. A trio of brother Matt and Mark Mueller (from Gardens) and Mr. Italy Records himself Dave Buick came together a few years back now and only put out one other single on Beehive/Italy besides their latest on Urinal Cake.

A-Side’s "Fun With Mantras" has that jangle guitar and snarl from ‘Mat’ who can't be the only vocal on this Jacuzzi boys jumble with a rhythmic stutter and beefy laid back throwaway schwang from the guitar and a slappy tight snare. Sort of like an old Dead Milkmen track with Milk Music’s tough focus for a heavier sound. Sleeves ripped right off with a solo towards the end that changes the direction with an all chorus sound of Matt going berserk with echo and multiple clones. That snarl is wrestled down with the rest of the tone for the count. This stays right in that sweet reverb center of sunshiny fun loving summertime all the way until its last breath.

"Thumbs off” a Clean cover, has jittery more nervous chord bursts, Mat has the whole story reminding me of a Johnny Ill band style track until the gritty, thick distortion comes plowing in. A rowdy, slight country narrative track like "Bitchin Camaro". It blows up with his “sometimes I feel too much..." with a similar disarming honesty as Johnny in this hands off track. You’re on his side, following right along because they pan those veins of pure emotion with no censor. “Appliance" picks up the pace and drops the sunny outlook with ‘Mrk’ on drums following their stuttering perfect, three chord burst and whiny growl-yell of Bleach. These last two tracks practically run right into each other and by now they've passed on into full gravely guitars with a bending, warped distortion, hashing those chords out, the hum of cables intact.

Pick this up from the cake at the bottom of the urinal. Now the restroom smells like flowery bleachy piss! Thanks guys!

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