Thursday, June 13, 2013

Satanic Rockers on Quemada Records

Fifteen-year-old 7inches would have given anything to know there were bands like the Satanic Rockers out there when he bought a 4-track and wrangled friends to record in the basement. To think about these guys, out there experimenting on the other side of the planet would be proof that there were mindblowing things out there in the world. Like cool, messy, stoner sludge with separated layers, full of homemade promise and sincerity.

A-Side "Eviction" is a massive sludge of a thin sounding rec room space of sweet home recording. Squealing buried distortions, underwater phaser vocals in a nightmare of Blank Dogs covering Black Sabbath on a spaceship. Everything is far off sounding and slow, caught in the quagmire, from Melbourne, Noisetralia. Freeform electric grates under the snap of a no end drum kit, sort of a weird snarl and drunken slow stumble from Lynton on vocals. It could use some super reverb or delay echo I can already hear these vocals trailing off, bouncing into the sunset. It's a bizarre kind of evil that would get you because you’d just be stopped in your tracks, completely caught, staring into the eyes of weirdness. They’re taking this satanic thing that serious. All sorts of melodies not playing nice with each other with an underlying hazy vibe and warbly phaser in the guitar on one channel. The power of the Butthole Surfers compelled them.
Did that exorcise the demon? Not so much as "Rat vs. boredom" comes skittering onto the B-Side, the tape winding up to speed and here the bass line idea you had the other night. I love that the insert is a xeroxed dot matrix style zine with Old English type. The beat goes in and out of rhythm; sliding notes around, trying to remember the changes, bashing the cymbals. If you’re going to be a rocker, definitely be satanic. That’s all parents really want. That gentleman with the peaked cap on the cover with an acoustic is an old future Johnny Cash from that Sean Penn Robert Smith movie. Sketchbook doodling on a denim jacket - shit, slow this down to 33 and it gets even better.

Get this from Quemada Records.

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