Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Tranzistors on Cass Records

Here’s a completely mysterious single I saved for when I had time to go down the rabbit hole of the internet. Coming from Ben Blackwell’s Cass Records though, this single from the Tranzistors isn’t completely without context, having been released on Cass is probably enough you need to check this out. The band does exist on Facebook with promise of new releases coming in 2013, but this single is from way back in the catalog from 2006. Something along the lines of Jeff Novak’s blinding glitter, these guys are going even further dragging that late ‘70s sound right into the future with crazy synth.

A-Side’s "Yoo Will" starts with great organ stabs of '60s psych and then they turn this right into full super crazy spaced out glam. The vocal has all the doubled harmony of Eno's Bowie tracks from another planet. A rough squealing guitar like this just somehow makes sense flying over the low-end thick sounds. How they work this ring tone 8 bit guitar into this crystal clear sound is so weird it works. It’s a heavy dose of their future vision of piano keys and swapping epic pieces of smooth glam, with more polish and production sheen than anything out there. This bizarre doubled vocal takes in that glam androgynous direction of “Bang bang dot dot dot / Yoo will”. The drums are even panning back and forth between channels with a sudden fade out but this had to end, it moves fast and doesn’t wait for you. It’s hard to figure out exactly what is placing this so perfectly in that glam style, definitely the fun and weirdness of T-Rex, but I should be able to do better than that. Those chopped up bits of a digital sample is used like a new instrument; a screaming sweep of broken electronics with star wipes, a super gleaming mess that’s carving out a class all by itself.
B-Side's “Yoo Don't” has a great minimal simplicity until they get this over the top spinning mirror ball prom night Shannon Shaw style chorus. This minimal verse is jagged with some kind of soul, the back and forth guy/girl vocals, like Hunx without any sense of irony, they go to the next level, past the roof of the garage and out into space. A real rocket ship they’ve got here. Organ solo’s and wa ooo's from the heavens. How do they get those guitar’s lined up like that? In the way that Ariel Pink is hiding behind layers and layers they take that same raw surface right into the open with the biggest cleanest design. Get to work guys, we’re waiting.

From Cass Records, there's still time to mine his back catalog, and this gem is available.

The only way to hear this is go over to Justin Timberlake's new myspace. It might be too late Justin, but then again with bands like this still having their tracks available in this redesign might be enough to still check out every once in a while.

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