Monday, July 8, 2013

Camp Radio on Saved by vinyl

There's nothing like the single sided flexi disc to break all the rules. It can be mailed in an envelope for next to nothing and ignores the second side of the format completely. A cardinal sin of pressing....I mean if you're going to press one side, why not the other? Unless your INSANE. Actually I wonder if its impossible to cut grooves double sided on a flexi? Or it's the way they're pressed at the plant? I its possible with a lathe cut. You need a penny or something to hold these down and aren't far from completely disposable...but are they better than MP3's? Hell Yes! The label breaking all the rules of those elusive thin seven inches is called Saved by Vinyl, an offshoot of their Saved By Radio zine/radio show out of Calgary, Canada. The band on this one is Camp Radio, who got together back on '05 and according to their site are currently recording a new album. This flexi was probably recorded around the time they put together Campista Socialista a couple years back and the A-Side features "Turn up the radio" and the '90s jangle is coming across heavy on this surprisingly thin record. It's impressive that this format could really pull off this high treble jangle but then again maybe that's exactly what this made for. That and Chris Page's higher register contemplative vocals. Something like Teenage Fanclub repeating crunch and catchy loops of barely electrified bass and guitar. But it gets a little chunkier, and crisper like Apples in Stereo, a solo goes dirty but always driven by this straight beat. Chris piles on the layered polish on that vocal and they build the jangle to impressive heights by the end with full thickness. Strums laying it all out there, big and on.... right to the fade.
Single sided, all cracky and definitely sounding period perfect.

Camp Radio also had a split with Cousins I talked about a while back, which was also a limited press flexi with Saved by Vinyl.

Get this direct from Camp Radio's bandcamp page.

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