Friday, July 12, 2013

Mirrorism on Trouble in Mind

Sometimes you can make an argument for a band's sound making sense coming from a certain part of the world. It's rainy and depressing in Seattle so of course you'd end up with a sludgy grunge. Nashville...well maybe there just happens to be an insane amount of like minded artists who play fuzzy garage...uh BBQ? But then there are other times when a band like Mirrorism from Ferrara, Italy doesn't fit into any half brained regional theories, their sound is such an original jittery mix of post punk, hardcore and psych. (When do you apply so many genre's it's time to make up a new one? Three seems close) Did I mention the new look for TIM? They changed their company sleeve to a '70s americana "Battle of the Network Stars" look, very 4th of July.

"Night flight" is minimal, electric, raw and nervous like Prinzhorn Dance School covering the Fall. You have to love this underground messy start to the track in a rehearsal space lightly tapping crash cymbals in the middle of the night repeating "If I...If I could" before an echo, dark anti-pattern of thuds winds up. This has aspects of The Makeup or even Ian Svenonius' later project Weird War. Mirrorism sound like they at least philosophically are coming from that similar unique place with bizarre tom patterns and off kilter noises, like this sax bleating, willing to go free jazz for a second, nothing is off limits in their "refusal to make sense of any kind of artistic output". With everyone chanting "color / shape / pigment" it turns into a culty creep fest, a great pointless description of fine art on the wall. Twangy guitar bends the shit out of those metal strings. Just as suddenly it stops. They are in and out, got a job to do. Stop trying to deconstruct it dummy.

B-Side's "Exit the Loop" has more of a jangle in the post hardcore, more like chilly Wire sounds, could be something about how immediate sounding and captured this is with a '60s garage psych flair, borrowing from a bunch of seemingly disparate sources to end up in an unsettling place. Echo vocal with conviction, battling with these sounds, finding an uneasy compromise. Throwing themselves into this, beating out new shifts in tempo and genres.

Ge this from Trouble in Mind, You can hear the A-Side over there and below is from their cassette release on Bored Youth Records and the B-Side on this one.

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