Saturday, July 27, 2013

Technicolor Teeth on Accidental Guest Records

Just found out about the Wisconsin based, Technicolor Teeth and their single coming out on Accidental Guest Records today. I think its primarily one guy on the record, Matt, and some form of his band is playing Death By Audio next month, Aug 18th.

The A-Side on this one"Blood Pool" is a dense mix of highly elevated super shoegaze pop. Heavy, lush production with everything warbling around in that slightly wobbly delay. Hitting shimmery chords, a light Cloud Nothings kind of doubled vocal slides out of the haze with lyrics about summer. This thing is soaring along, ready for any mix tape on the open road. A tom heavy thumping beat drives this in and out of epic heights, but by the time this hits the final elevated plateau, it's piling on melody and repetition. I know My Bloody Valentine gets thrown around as a reference a lot but I see them as an end game in density and Technicolor Teeth are matching their kind of intensity. This takes immense time getting to this huge place and then falls into it face first.

Watch the video for "Blood Pool"
Order "Blood Pool / Drips" from Accidental Records overseas or see if Matt's selling these direct at the show.

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