Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Peak Twins on Bedroom Suck Records

Peak Twins (I think David Lynch would approve) are Joel Carey and Liam Kenny from projects Wolf & Cub and Kitchen's Floor respectively. Coming from the land where water goes down the drain counterclockwise Bedroom Suck has been the finger on the pulse of garage/psych bands to check out in that part of the world for me, not to mention that's what started my relationship with Fat History Month. Bedroom Suck has released stuff from Slug Guts, Boomgates and Bitch Prefect (another project of Liam's actually) and this single looks to be Peak Twins second release after a split 12" with Scott & Charlene's Wedding part of a series with Night People Records. Off to a respectable start and no wonder, it's easy to hear in these two tracks what lengths they go in reinterpreting a somber pop psych trip.

A-Side's "Steppin' Off" has the strut and laid back blur of the late '60s, but they've updated those dense layers which are ultra clear. The haze swirls high and thick win the shaker and tambourine behind the doubled harmonies of Joel and Liam. It's got echoes of The '90s Manchester sound as well in this deliberate percussion section and measured groove, there's even some kind of synth strings in the back of this polished, separated stoner psych covered with tapestries. Lighting a candle like the Slug Guts record but you don't have to look over your shoulder.

A slow intro of see sawing rhythm slowly builds on B-Side's "China White" in a blend of acoustic/electric with a hint of xylophone sound, a struck stringed instrument feel. I thought he might be hinting at drugs with this title but he spells this out deliberately from the first seconds of this track. The doubled up vocal is bubble gum garage but these repetitions are straight from the Velvet Underground's two riff solution. This side really solidifies their sound, it's not just that they've hit on something that sort of sounds like the things championed by the likes of Trouble in Mind, this is deliberate and referencing all those older sounds. Making me want to go back to the Crystal Stilt in it's reverb tambourine. They flub this solo in a welcome looseness that the track otherwise doesn't have. They might be playing a dense laid back psych but not without carefully planning every aspect with a precision that's the polar opposite to The Fresh & Onlys. This sproingy guitar against the chorus of ahh's, lyrics tight over top in a paisley desert peyote trip. This is really perfect at nodding to that time and doing something all together new and exciting.

Pick this up on black vinyl from Bedroom Suck Records direct or check your local distro.

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