Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sandie Trash on Bleeding Gold Records

I just happened to be listening to that anniversary double LP Godard soundtrack record that came out on M'Ladys Records this morning, not by coincidence. I was obviously meant to pick up this single from Sandie Trash on the increasingly eclectic Bleeding Gold Records. Not that there's much to connect the two other than originating in France, but it seemed more than just a coincidence. It's not a part of the world I regularly look out for and rely on Atelier Ciseaux or Les Disques Steak to be putting out interesting stuff, glad to see there's another label now reaching oversea to release new punk and new wave.

"Mon Amour V2" begins with what sounds like a literal echo of those new wave scores slowly rises into a repeating electric high range eastern riff. A booming sampled beat and rumbling bass line kicks in with Sandie and Alex Rossi delivering a call and response vocal in a breathy talking, slightly distorted feel. A gated chunky riff plays under the vocal like a lost echo from the industrial era. I'm fighting a memory of Enigma's "Principles of Lust" because it has nothing to do with this except the tone of whispery foreign vocals that sound like they're up to no good. These two sound like they're simultaneously antagonizing and falling for each other. This could be version two because the narrators can't stay away from each other and are finally giving in to a primal side.
The B-Side "Johnny Jane" features a steadily rising bleepy synth line met with a jittery electronic rhythm. This could be the new wave side with this New Order chorus bass line under Sandie's vocals which aren't as lusty on this one. She's driving this single minded dance track which continues to use a lot of Kiddt Per W's guitar riffs. From jagged staccto muted jabs to winding solos, it keeps the track from getting shoved just onto the dance floor. This is a distant second cousin once removed of SIDS or even These Are Powers electro-punk sound. Another example that punk is just a state of mind.

Get this single or a double 10" french new wave punk comp (featuring Sandie and more) from Bleeding Gold Records

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