Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Stalins of Sound on Volar Records

It can be a hard sell when a band goes right to the drum machine. Even more unlikely the Stalins of Sound, choose to employ the mechanical, inhuman element in a punk/hardcore style coming out on the other side avoiding Pigface or Killing Joke's industrial apocalyptic disco.

"Pool of Piranha" is a minimal Urinals meets Digital Leather sound with hyper static thudding and more of a sense of humor. Cheap synths, metal growly vocals and jagged as a rusty tin can lid from old potted meat. The name makes perfect sense, they don't leave any room for improvisation and the programmed percussion keeps them on track, head down, blinders on, STEADY. Heavy gates on the overdriven glitching electronics which feel super home recorded and that's where I can get into this, like Juiceboxxx when he goes no-fi I can give this huge leeway. If these guys keep this held together with their premium duct tape then I'll put the needle back on the record. There's a lot of effects on the next track, "Panik" a cover of one of the first french punk bands, Metal Urbain and they give the original a choppy robotic edge that could be an '80s arcade nightmare at points.

B-Side "Rapture in Blood" is serious sine wave synth waves rising and falling with vocorder vocals, robotically proclaiming, Rapture in blood / is our mission. You couldn't use these sounds and take your self too seriously right? It's like Devo and The Units were in an epic weekend marathon battle of junkyard wars. Building the most cobbled together tunes that can barely make it to the end of the track, but not the buried at sea for decades feel of Lust for Youth, this is clear and loud as anything almost like that Destruction Unit stuff that I heard with Jay R. a while ago. Real power and punk in it's extreme outlook. Totally specific and bizarre, dark and maybe into a little S&M?

I think the handwritten center label says 11 of 15? Guys I'm not worthy!
Get this as part of the Volar Records Strange Mutations Vol.1 Set. That miht be the only way to get your hands on this, or go back in time and start a blog where all you do is talk about seven inch singles. That might work too.

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