Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ghostkeeper - self released flexi

Shane Ghostkeeper has the best last name. It made perfect sense it would serve as the band name of this Calgary based band which includes Jay Crocker, Ian Jarvis, Sarah Houle and Brad Hawkins. They sound like no genre is off limits and cross lines into folk, blues and psych , heavy on experimental styles like Black Moth Super Rainbow or Blitzen Trapper, completely unclassifiable. One track on one side of a flexi is just a tease. It's a great track and don't look for it to make their direction any clearer.

A-Side's "Golden" has a side stepping bass line from a chorus heavy guitar in a straight ahead line full of creepy vibes. It's the sort of thing that gets primitive until the vocals from Sarah start and she's floating above this b-movie TV ghost feel. Clean and pop, sort of psych in lots of eerie feedback of creaks and groans from off screen. Lyrics about keeping secrets in this seance and her vocal is dead serious with a trained warbly delivery that takes this into an alien place like Zola Jesus, trained classical talent. Like Widowspeak combined with Deadbolt, Fleetwood mac Monster Mash - perfectly haunting for an after halloween mix, a hint of the stuff but not bashing you over the head. Slight garage Cramps sound if those guys ever covered Beach House, comforting and creepy, better on this flexi which actually doesn't sound like a flexi at all. Makes me curious enough to hear more of their stuff. See thats the problem with a single sided flexi, one song just isn't enough but a full length takes too long to absorb. Where would a b-side of these guys go?

To get a copy of this, (minus curled up cat) hit up their site or facebook page. Out on Saved by Vinyl who you can try over here.

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