Friday, November 15, 2013

Radical Dads on Eau Records

I always respected Sam Martineau's idea at EAU Records of combining his 7" single releases with his art practice. He's always pushing the lowly single beyond simply handmade by screening every cover himself with a unique art piece in the 7x7 inch sleeve space. You could just pick this up for Sam's work regardless of the vinyl inside for a crazy deal on his work, but then you get a band like Radical Dads optimistic super indie pop, who I haven't had a chance before now to check out, and it gets downright embarrassing. Who do you think you are taking advantage of these guys?

"Creature Out" blasts into a high register swerving guitar melody with Lindsay Baker on vocals reminding me of my favorite pure indie, Dog Day or The Big Sleep's blasted layered indie rock. It's a melody driven percussion that bounces out from behind the tight echo lyric of pure crazy optimism. The two guitars rattling against each other in rough melodies creating this lower end without those perky bass guitars. It's a distilled powerful indie pop I always keep a special place for that I came across in The Shout Out Louds or back further in The Amps.
B-Side's "Slammer" opens with a forward acoustic and smother distortion while Lindsay again references the greatest female fronted pop, here coming off like a super charged Spinnanes until they hit this chorus which manages to elevate this into serious heights. It started out with nothing but a steady heavy beat, minimal reverb guitar and Lindsay's vocal. The massive plateau is about High fi's and Crystal Light? A nostalgic massive pop that reaches higher and higher, almost moving cynical creeps like me. Feeling impossibly planned but just loosely making this happen. You have to walk away feeling good when this finally spins down, I don't even have a real copy of this and can't stop rewinding the digital track on their site. They're determined not to let you walk away with anything but a goofy smile.

Radical Dad's are also appealing to your wallet over on their site as their 7" being a really smart investment. It's why anyone buys a single really.

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