Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PODCAST with Mike from Mind Cure Records

Darren and I jettisoned the regular podcast to talk to Mike from Mind Cure Records about a monthly singles series he's been pressing over there that began back in June. He's highlighting Pittsburgh based bands with a single every month with documentary videos over at the labels youtube channel. It's what seven inches are all about, a super passionate guy documenting the Pittsburgh scene and helping bands from all genre's get more exposure.

6.22.MindCure from Michael Seamans on Vimeo.

An extra long show for your holiday travels, no picks this week just straight Mind Cure CHAT!

The tracks included in the episode are from the single Mind Cure put out from The Mud City Manglers "Hangover Hurricane" and "Yeah Yeah".

Check out Mind Cure Records for the latest Pittsburgh singles from the series are on sale.

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