Friday, December 6, 2013

Singles Club Series - Kickstarter

Kickstarter gets a lot of shit for giant projects that take forever to come to fruition like videogames or physical tech and it's not even their fault, but it's the perfect platform for bands getting their fans together to fund a record that otherwise wouldn't be released. Killing the Vibe was a perfect example (shit you could have had Matt play your livingroom for $500 bucks!) of how this could work. The price of a record is pretty constant, you either make enough to pay yourself and the pressing plant or you don't. The same should apply to a record label and in the case of The Singles Club, Chris, who's a designer at Kickstarter and a musician himself, is looking for a couple more bucks more to fund a quarterly seven inch series. I'm a huge fan of Daniel Bachman (above) and that's the first single up in the series along with a digital journal I'm guessing that has something to do with Daniel and his music along with a case for the four singles.
The tracks will be exclusive to the project (only 250 pressed) and the B-Side's of these are going to be 'narrative compositions' with the artists, probably interviews but they left it open for insanity. The other singles up are Small Sur, Woodsman and Wisdom Tooth.

Three more days to get in on this.

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