Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pity Fucks on Felony Fidelity Records

I love a band like The Pity Fucks that right away on the back of sleeve don't even care enough to list their last names next to what they play. They're over it already, last names?! Who cares? They can't even be bothered with art for christ sakes, they have to get to the music already. SHARPIE MARKER ON SOME PICTURE FOR THE COVER AND LET"S GET TO THE DIRTY POP SCUZZ GARAGE ALREADY.

A-Side's "Oaks park" is expectedly rough and and scratchy with a growl pop vocal from Matto on guitar sounding like an aggressive maniac in an homage to a special place that sounds like a shitty dive bar so I like them already. I hope to hell they played this Oaks Park place and this song once they recorded it. I remember the guys in Vulture Shit telling me about writing a song for their favorite pizza place down the block from Party Expo. There's nothing more ridiculous. "Take a ride on the ferris wheel"? Maybe this is a theme park, maybe an old one like Adventure land where things never really got updated, just like the garage punk of the Pity Fucks.
"She Ain't All There" has an organ and a real rehearsal room sound - it's a four piece in a room that I respect, maybe overdubbing those vocals later, it's like The Johnny Ill Band over the Spits. Matto has that lower end jokey delivery a sort of Elvis snarl. The guitar crunches through some bluesy melody and the organ actually carries the track about a crazy lady. Love the cable buzz when they stop for a second, it's a thin practical sound and I'm fully on board when a band strips down like this and stands this piece of shit up on it's own, we ain't polishing it. Catchier and poppier than it should be, like Hunx combined with the Jersey Boss, take some of that boardwalk carny feel of the trashy shore and some of the old bowery, maybe current Bushwick? Just mix it all together.

B-Side "Hong Kong, Mississippi" cruddy guitar opens to that organ jabbing, barely able to keep together this super jolly punk carnival pace, jittery with a real JSBX sound or Esquivel? A joke song but they aren't going to be playing anyone's birthday party with this name. Of course I had to look it up. It's something of a blues sound and I'm starting to hear the sideburns and greaser sound. The thing that keeps me coming back though is how raw and undeveloped this is. Let's play some crazy shit and record it. What's the most offensive name we can think of? It's a always a good idea. The Cramps are here also of course, but more of a southern swamp feel to this hot mess. (E.McDaniel) (Ha, that's Bo Diddley?, this is a cover???!!!!)

Brand new label and their first release - watch out Randy Records.
Order direct form or Slovenly or Goner.

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