Monday, January 20, 2014

Rude Weirdo on Noise Pollution Records

Take eight guys, Eric Ronay, David Bird, Jason Fuller, Chad Marquis, Jason Hayden, Melanie Martin and Jeremy Harrell and add parts prog rock, epic conceptual contemporary opera, cranky punk and homemade hip hop and you would still have no frame of reference for Rude Weirdo. Every last member must have added any number of bits of genres from the last fifty years of their record collections captured with the very height of home recording production. It's experimental and as goofy as that many dudes in the same room trying to all get their two cents in should be. Basically on every one of these tracks I picture sunglasses Spike Jones and his mustache wearing shorts and a tank top walking like a bad ass through Venice Beach so uncool that he's sort of cool again. I think Rude Weirdo is counting on that weird cycle of uncool to swing 180 degrees around like everyone told you was possible on the playground.

A-Side "Burkesville Ponce" has a weird synth loop and Eric who's possibly the one on vocals talks out his creepy style narrative before this thing gets going with lots of effects and living up to this name. The vocal tom track, the creaking treble inducing guitar crunch and a didgeridoo? are all present in the mix. Multiple vocals jammed into reverb and echo, super clean which gives this attempt at chaos an even weirder feel. He's taking on this character and 'The Ponce' isn't content with any sort of normal instrumentation. He's writing down beats on index cards, cutting them up and throwing them off a cliff. Choppy, nervous and prickly - all exaggerated by how perfectly this is fed into a million effects before and after the recording. No human way to follow the rhythms here probably on purpose.

B-Side's "Fat Fiend" settles on more underused effects on this clean mix of crisp elements that manage a handclap squeaky window rhythm. Ranges between hip hop satire and yelling hardcore with electronics. What I imagine Andrew WK and Mike Patton get into. Impossibly arranged digital drum machines and vocal delivery. A nightmare session where Max Headroom started a body count style band with avatar Ice T. They should have put out a concept album by now.

Robin's egg blue vinyl from Noise Pollution Records.

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