Friday, February 7, 2014

Noise Nomads on Hot Releases Records

I've come across Noise Nomads, the solo extreme sound project of Jeff Hartford, in years past and I can't say that I'm the tiniest bit closer to having any kind of grip on his extensive catalog or direction. He's after the limits of sound creation and capturing, both essential elements in his process. Whatever these sounds may have started out as are nothing once some kind of heavily guarded secret of processing is done with them. At home in the uptown gallery or the hipster basement, it is extreme in every way and essential to understanding everything else on your shelf. This single will forever represent the very end of the spectrum, the lonely edge of conceivable noise.

The A-Side of this plain label single (only discernible by reading the matrix reflection...the pressing plant has to know which side is which if the label or artist doesn't) is a couple of synth vibrations in either channel, both coming at your ears from opposite sides. Some sort of attempt to see if the chaos of these pulsating overdriven tones squealing and burping ever coincidentally line up. The track is one long interwoven blistered tones strew out across the landscape. It's dense and without rhythm but definitely processed to the point of extinction. Some kind of manipulated synth tone is boosted multiple times, the highs and lows of the source are exaggerated and deafening. I think about how psych wanted to alter consciousness with hazy long freak out jams, Noise Nomads are altering eardrums. You start to think you've turned into a nightmare alien broadcast for planet invasion or it's you and your eardrums have completely ruptured and turned against you. There are a few tones at the end that sent me running for the bathroom.
The B-Side continues this exploration of splintered buzzing tones which might be sampled at a lower bit rate here sounding like their turning into the jet sounds from Zaxxon. You can't mistake the low rumble from vinyl on any other medium. I really have to find a tape player for the rest of this and see if I can hear how it stacks up. The frantic end to circuitry. Ancient boards that are slowly frying as they get consumed by a lava flow....very .....slowly. The track comes to a complete dead stop and starts up again just to remind you how overwhelming this has become. The piece starts vibrating higher and higher along with it's left channel cousin, like containment packs crossing streams. One side actually fades away and the right channel blurps over into the other side, slowing down for a second and finishing. This was all at 33 by the way which could be the completely wrong RPM for all I know and I'm sure Noise Nomads wouldn't mind you listening at your own preferred speed.

Crazy packaging for this one out of reel to reel boxes, stickers, silk screen, cassette and xerox book inside. I like there is this entire package all informing the other elements, some of which I won't ever be able to hear, while the others have altered my hearing.
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