Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Black Black on Money Fire Records

I first caught The Black Black on a split with Low Fat Getting High. The split single is a sure sign that two bands are usually connected in more ways than just being musically related. In this case when Michael from Low Fat isn't playing guitar he's designing all kinds of art for The Black Black including the sleeve of this single. The Black Black have even gone so far as to rerecord the A-Side from that split and come at it with a new polish and space.

I definitely remember A-Side's "One Blunt Death Party" and those references of Chk chk chk or Les Savy Fav are still here, clearer and more defined than ever. This new attention to the track can't hurt this one in the slightest. They've gone and emphasized this undeniable catchiness and managed to open it up even more in the verse to allow for a few more lungfulls before drowning in art punk stabby layers. That bass line takes real pleasure in this scuzzy groove, the kit is heavily separated and a single jagged note on electric just sits there sawing away at the indie dance. When the chorus hits it seems to big bang out into high pitch distortion and impossibly fast closed high hat, keeping that same energy from the original, catching you off guard and unaware, except all the individual pieces have been sharpened to a razors edge.

"You're a Danger" on the B-Side gets into Chris' hard and heavy bass with a metronome snare beat. When you can get a simple opening that compelling with two underutilized instruments, you've got something. Like Death From Above the combination can be really killer and on this one they even capture a bit of that same energy. Big delayed chorus guitars bounce around and lift this up for Jonathan to whisper this demonic sermon. Looking for a bit more the bass takes over in complete control distilling the track down to just the backbeat coming off as more jittery and art punk than the A-Side.

Michael from Low Fat Getting High designed that sleeve and it's on black vinyl from Money Fire Records.

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