Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sewers on Tenth Court Records

I loved the Thigh Master single on Tenth Court from last year and I'm just getting to more of their catalog like this single from Sewers who have been around for a few years. Inspired initially by Kitchen's Floor they added members to their current four piece and recently put out a full length on Homeless Records.

A-Side's (labeled B-Side) "Chain of Command" rips onto their sawing back and forth sound of screechy near feedback in the red guitar saw sound with tough guy vocals 'look at your badge / look at your number' as that riff totters back and forth. Crumbling and runny it's a distant relative to the Mayyors thick sound. It's rough pieces chopped up slammed together between snare fills. Unsettling, this doesn't really ever let up once that gate opens.
B-Side's (A-Side) "Life's a Boar" rattles in with a slow sludgy rhythm wobbling across the deck in a repeated back and forth chord spaz of black post punk. Bashes of cymbal/snare hits come together like some kind of tribal warning. There are vocals buried back there not sticking to any recognizable melody. Some harder weirdness comes to mind like Health or These are Powers only without any sort of electronics to glitch the waters. Rough and primal obsessed with ragged repetition and smudges of metal. The only standard tune comes from a deformed guitar wandering into this and quickly leaving. Plenty of layers of horrific distortions all attempting to overwhelm. Anti-party rock.

Pick this up stateside from Easter Bilby Records or Tenth Court direct.

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