Thursday, July 19, 2007

SIDS - Rob's House

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

This ranks up there with one of the most beautiful seven inches I have ever seen, each one of those red areas is cut out of black heavy card stock, and then a red transparent insert is overlayed on top of hand drawn portraits of SIDS skulls in the middle of a skull crowd. Then the 45 itself is red vinyl. It's amazing, I showed my printer friend and he was impressed by the cut ribbon part in the middle. Let alone how one would mass produce this...the steps involved....but it is so worth it.
And it comes with a CD-R so I don't have to hook up my record player to the computer. It's ridiculous, but absolutely necessary with releases like thank you Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
And by the way SIDS one of the most interesting things happening in contemporary music. I missed them the few times they have been in Brooklyn and I won't let it happen again. They are picking up the torch from the liars, and taking electronic back from the dancefloor and continuing to explore these ideas through sound, with a punk spirit. But always jawdroppingly new and you can rock out.

SIDS [website] are a synth-punk trio from atlanta. no electronics-lite here, just great driving punk rock done with keyboards, in the tradition of the screamers & early tuxedo moon but with their own sound. (7" purchase includes cdr).

[500 pressed, red vinyl]

I was wayyyy too late on it mentioning this and it is completely sold out from Rob's House. But it is a thing of beauty, I'm just bragging...
It's essential, search this out.


  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Well Jason,

    You're out of luck. SIDS will not be touring anymore. I am moving to Baltimore in less than two weeks to pursue a Ph. D. To make you feel even worse about missing the show at Silent Barn, it was one of the best of the tour. Here is a review of it:

    Here is a review from our show in Montreal, a few days earlier: with pictures to boot:

    My girlfriend (she did all the art work on the record) linked me to this post, but I am an internet lurker, as you can tell with all the links. Maybe good news for you, is that she and I have our own project that will be in full force in Baltimore that is less organic than SIDS: Drum machine + synths, in the vein of John Carpenter and Tuxedomoon.

    Anyway, thanks for the review!

  2. Adam,
    That is the saddest news, but I guess higher learning calls. SIDS just will live on in my seven inch mind.
    It serves me right for not going to see you...please keep me updated on future projects and I'm looking forward to this new direction. My review was pathetic and you deserved a real in depth piece... I have no excuses.