Saturday, June 6, 2015

The end

I love tiny records, I always will. From buying Palace singles at Tramps after their show or another Sebadoh seven inch at Adult Crash on Avenue A they are inherently the format of the underground. Little did I know that history stretched back through the beginning of punk as the cheapest entry point for a band just getting started or destined to make one insane single before breaking up.

I believe if you put out a seven inch single you care about the music on it enough to go to the trouble of carving a wavy spiral into metal and smashing it into a hot blob of plastic a few hundred times.

After ten years with a new member of my family I'm stretched too thin. I never thought this was going to end up making money or being more than fun. Just like those tiny records it was done out of love for all these artists and labels getting a couple of bucks together and launching singles into the abyss of contemporary music. I made a lot of friends and I hope I called attention to unappreciated releases while selfishly keeping up with the never ending search for new music.

There's a lot of people listed in the friends section still writing about these tiny records and they will never stop being incredibly important to me.

To everyone who ever sent in a record; thanks. I hope I did it a tiny bit of justice and sent a few readers your way who spent a couple of bucks to pick it up.

The writing is over for now but I'm still going to be slowly but surely releasing records at sweater & pearls records including a new one from Part Time that I'm really excited about.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Sorry to hear yr giving up the blog Jason, it was always enjoyable. I look forward to keeping up with Sweater and Pearls!

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I have enjoyed the blog!

  3. Matt & Andujar,
    Thanks a lot guys, appreciate it. Means a lot.

  4. I've enjoyed thee blog for years. It has been one of my favorite resources for new music. I'll keep tabs on the S&P site now. Thank you!

  5. you are the best!! Thanks for the good years.

  6. Long live 7 Inches!

  7. Thanks for the write up on The Snarks record. I've enjoyed reading this blog over the years and appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you put into all of the write ups.