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GreatDividing - self released single

Andrew contacted me from GreatDividing a little while back, he's released a couple of singles with friends on their Australia based label, so unfortunately it's going to be pretty hard to actually get a hold of these other than mail order directly from down under, but the internet brought us together with some digital files for this review. Email him at the bottom of the post to work out shipping/postage with Andrew.

There's 2 singles here, around 15 minutes of completely different experiments. I also came across mention of The Great Dividing Range of Australia, and I liked the name before, but now it's taking on a different connotation. It's a huge huge expanse of mountains instead of a chasm, maybe it's the same, but a wall and a hole are two very different obstacles. For instance, I'm not going down the hole, forget it, but I'll climb over that thing if I have to.
I'm intrigued to hear what's being created on the other side of the world, it's still pretty crazy to think about musical styles reproducing themselves. I was watching this TED thing the other day from Susan Blackwell about ideas being kinds of viruses and the best ones reproducing themselves, I think music is a great example of this kind of natural idea selection, here I am as far away as possible from Andrew, but I get the references, I can speak his musical language. Insane.

arob/soottyb [greatdividing011] 7"

Cicada Gtr + birds has a rising sound that I'm going to assume is a cicada sample? Then again there's an electronic slant to this I think...if this is created by synth then that's pretty genius. It sounds almost to regular, to constant not to have been. There's an underlying drone chord/notes that remains constant through the entire piece where the birds and cicada sounds work around. There's one loud close bird sound that, if it's not electronic, then that's a pretty crazy natural sound. (Turns out it's a field recording - ed) But that's probably the point. It's that moment when the curtain rises and the orchestra is tuning up. It's a little chaotic

'They sent me into space today' is a slow muddy little dub-ish number. All kinds of tempo shifted drum hits, with ring-toned samples of some dialogue, or that's the lyrics possibly, really buried and effected to the breaking point. It's hypnotically monotonous. Sparse space synth emerges here and there, a real throwback sound, like a 70's slow motion dance party in quicksand.
GreatDividing says:

dd011 arob/soottyb b/w arob split 7"

edition of 100 hand printed black on white paper sleeves & rubber stamped labels

they sent me into space today

5 years in the making ! The basic track 'downer march' was recorded by arob in 2004 he added another track sometime in 2005 . 2006 he gave it to Soottyb on cd . In 2007 he handed it back to arob as 'they sent men into space today' . It was 're-mixed' in 2008 ... & finally in 2009 after a particularly fraught space mission here is 'they sent me into space today' .

cicadas birds + gtr

This is a field recording done at a fellow exiles house in the country combined with a home recording done in a bedroom in the city . Simple as that ... plays well on either 45 or 33 rpm ..

Exiles from clowntown 7"

The A-Side 'Fast One' starts playing with a scales up and down bassline with background tremolo guitar, this is a groovy kind of blues inspired track, that has a nice live raw sloppy feel to it, at the end it starts to breakdown a little and get more experimental when the bass goes repetitive as well, just booming drone, it's a welcome departure from the scales that start to feel like he's in another band, practicing. But somewhere in the middle and end again is where I start to really pay attention and have to start over to hear when this starts to deliberately fall apart. The bass goes one note and the guitar breaks out

'Something somewhere', this sounds like that rehearsal space jam where some interesting performance was hit on, the way he's playing the strings with this repetitive twang, kind of slint-ish. There's a weird effect on the guitar or it's one of those amps.
The vocals are room mic recorded and I like that feeling, it's kind of like an afterthought, or unconscious monologue happening. I'm thinking of a Sea and Cake groove Los Llamarada's or something. Andrew has graciously allowed me to post a copy of it, you can download/listen to that here.

Greatdividing says:

dd012 exiles from clowntown 7" 33 rpm

edition of 100 in hole punched white paper sleeves & rubber stamped labels

Not too sure what to say about the exiles ... 3 friends who grew up in the same town , all moved away & have been living [mainly] far apart . Once in a while they end up in the same location & sooner or later eventually / inevitably someone suggests playing some music together . Sometimes they are organized enough to record it . The two tracks on this 7" were recorded live & spontaneous using a single microphone & a mac in january 2009 . These two tracks were later edited down from one two hour long take no over dubs no mixing no bullshit .There was much swapping of instruments & the two tracks on this 7" have completely different 'line ups' with the gtr player on 'fast one' playing drums on 'something ... ' & so on & so forth . It's possible some more of this session may be released at some point.

Andrew does say also to shoot him an email and he can work on getting you the music, which is the most important thing after all:
greatdividing (at)

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