Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Soft Shoulder on Gilgongo Records

As promised, here's the Soft Shoulder single for preorderers of the Wounded Lion single. Now this is a way to apologise...with another 7". Apology accepted. That's all I ever wanted.
DITG losses and Gilgongo wins.
Seriously, I know that must have seriously cost them and really for no reason. They didn't have to do it. I am impressed.
On to Soft Shoulder and this two song 'Hit Single' 7" Mary Ann and Temperary'. Turns out Soft Shoulder is James Fella, Ashlea Hohm and John Ryan Nelson. I recognize James Fella from reading a lot of experimental tape reviews and CD-R stuff, so I was looking forward to hearing what a band situation might sound like.
The A-Side Mary Ann didn't disappoint. Free form drum solo, piercing feedback, messed up electronics, and some distorted vocals sounding like wind. Surprisingly this ends after about 30 seconds and the rock starts. Crunchy distorted guitar with maybe Ashlea on vocals... she's half singing quick verses which are mini conversations with Mary Ann 'Your hair looks nice / that dress looks great on you' and the whole thing completely weirdly changes time into a guitar riff echoed chorus. A violin melody takes it out. It feels a little like something Kim inspired from Sonic Youth, I think based on the opening on this track and the middle of the next one they want to bring in James' experimental leanings, trying to fuse the two with huge splits in personality. A huge break in tempo and style to bring the pieces together? What I think I mean doesn't make much sense, but they're determined to try.
On the B-Side 'Temperary' starts out with the punk rock, quick chord emphasized down beats with Ashlea on stuttered vocals. Right away it devolves into an improv horn melody, with distorted guitar riding scales for a bit then takes it down to a quiet jazz interlude which slowly picks up with a high pitch guitar chime. Like hitting that part of the string right below the bridge, the alien mechanical 'twing'. Count it off and the beginning punk starts again. A little like Deerhoof, genre-bending. It's a crazy combination, completely unexpected.
100 copies.

It's a Bonus single, so that should teach you to preorder...and wait a year...nevermind.

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