Friday, October 23, 2009

Bonnie Prince Billy on Drag City

Will's been a while, I'm always curious to hear what direction you're going lately. I think it was a mistake to cover your own songs on 'Greatest', but really maybe you put this pressure on yourself to record constantly, so I could see where an idea would get away from you. Or maybe it was a really personal project and it turned into a full length. You've collaborated with tons of different people, it seems like you constantly push yourself and the sound. I even liked the electronic tracks you did a while back, just because I never expected you too. The Tortoise album, Mark Lannegan, that other one with the Icelandic vocalist. I wouldn't want to be the one trying to compile your discography.
Your latest (?) single is covers of Susuanna Wallumrod songs, never heard of her, but I'm sure she's got something. I heard you did a tour only single with her, were you covering each other on that one? Or was it a duet sort of thing...sorry I missed it. You both have pretty amazing voices that barely need any orchestration.
You seem to love 7" singles a little bit yourself. Do you ever have a hand in releasing them? I guess enough labels approach you and you must not turn anyone down. Or they go through your trash for tracks, and you're not following the tiny runs of Bonnie singles.
I guess you must have a full length coming out on Drag City soon, since they're putting this out. I wonder when the last time was you released a single with DC.
I remember I saw you at Tramps for the Drag City Review and you and your brother drank a bottle of Jack Daniels...the medium size ones. I worry about you sometimes, but I'm sure the road is hard, and there is a price to pay for every album and single.

"Stay" performed with Joshua Abrams, Jennifer Hutt, Emmett Kelly, Michael Zerang. Recorded by Neil Strauch with assist by Jake Westerman. "People Living" performed with Emmett Kelly and Cheyenne Mize. Recorded live by anonymous. Both songs by Susanna K. WallumrĂžd. - Drag City

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    greatest palace music is one of his greatest achievements.