Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Last Rapes of Mr Teach on Les Disques Steak records

Les Disques Steak, who put out that tour Tyvek single a little while back, are at it again sending me their latest. I have to hand it to the production/art on these things, they are serious.
The sleeve is excellent as usual, heavy card stock screen printed. The green reproduced above doesn't do this fluorescent color justice. It's just great...the detail in the brown pen coloring, all the hieroglyphs, and the two color layers of raised ink, a little off register in places, it's amazing. Check out this guy PRT's myspace, he's been doing their flyers and it's all this wood cut, high contrast, primitive stuff...

The Last Rapes of Mr Teach...that's one hell of a name...I don't know what to say... at least they're done right?...with the raping? 4 Tracks at 33 1/3 from these French imports, and damn this is a grungy, punk blowout. They would have had me at 2.

Like Ty Segall, on 'Blood of Another Man' they've reinvented this familiar garage 60's sound with almost comical massive shitty surf reverb. The guitar is really bright, all rhythm, with sort of lost layered nasal vocals. It's full of overblown fuzzy hooks, and doesn't stop barreling through both ears. This one is mixed and recorded loud.
Last Rapes fits in exactly with the current crop of garagers from Hozac, Woodsist, Captured Tracks...they are making a case for some kind of universality with this stripped down raw recording. Everyone loves it, when the feeling is there, the rest is just audio semantics.
'I saw a corpse' is such a stand in for old Stones, or Sonics it's ridiculous. Slightly English mod sounding, with some honkeytonk... whatever that is. The sound quality is all there. It's scary sometimes how I think I might have been able to trick my Dad with some of the stuff I'm listening to these days. Especially on vinyl, I could just slip it in there and see if he even noticed. This one might be a little too textured...he'd probably check the stylus, the speaker connections...but the unmistakable era is here.

'It's all over' keeps this great bassline groove going under the surf guitar slight changes and solo tropic soul melody. The vocals are the best, they have that garage, overblown gritty sound massively in front, really driving every one of these tracks. It's got a little Nodozz in there, it's a fun trip, complete with off key moments, misspellings...the human moments of imperfection that just make this better.

I had to include a video from these guys, the sound quality sucks but french dudes are literally throwing themselves at these guys in the middle of their set. They hopefully can come through NYC and play with The Beets or Woods....Times New Viking.

Order direct from disquessteak (at) or get it from the usual's a perfect release in every way. These 'last rapes' guys are the new ipad of France.

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