Monday, March 29, 2010

Coyote Slingshot 'First Word of Evil Omens - Vitium' on Super Secret Records

Super Secret Records just released this EP 7" single from Coyote Slingshot which is one of just a tiny handful of releases Super Secret has put out from a band not from Austin. They were willing to make an exception after hearing CS because they believe in Coyote just that much. This 4 song mini-EP is housed in an amazing watercolor sleeve by Hilary Nelson of I'm guessing Coyote himself with a black flag neutral milk hotel shirt on and crayon track names on the reverse side, it's a combination of time consuming calculated precision and haphazard accident that's reflective of what's going on inside musically.
The A-Side, 'So Long Silly Rabbit' starts out with a simple piano sample that explodes into a huge mess of sounds. Layers of electronics, programmed percussion and blasts of guitar. There's so much here it's impossible to pick apart, are there actually brass instruments mixed in here? If it's not confounding you with overwhelming melody then Dominic is pouring on the symbolism in coded stream of consciousness lyrics with a Win Butler of Arcade Fire quality, forever on the verge of a powerful breakdown.
'A Song for Revenge' follows the minimal packed lyric reprieves with layers and layers of blown out sound, electronics, it's going the way of Railcars, that compressed deliberate cacophony, more layers of electronics. All demo loops from thrift store keyboards, Casiotone for the punk alone. Instead of the intimate hushed bedroom project, it goes the opposite, throwing everything at the song meticulously constructed for days with abandon. Pile it on.

'FTW' has my favorite melody based in a carnival acoustic riff, with blown out percussion bassline. He has this manic energy that comes through even in the recording, there isn't a minute of rest, it's an all out assault even in this seemingly down tempo number. It's chugging along to the very end. He latches on to unsettling descriptions, like Edward Gorey, despite it's surface attraction, there's a lot of terrible underneath. They burned all the trash / at the elementary school
'Firecracker Mouth' continues to follow this dense multilayered line of thought where he's vocally cracking apart like David Byrne, slightly unstable, it's not traditionally pretty, the melodies aren't based in power chords and rhyme. Coyote, again is like the sleeve, appropriating native american symbolism and 80's punk. Music has the quickest cycles of slash and burn, just to have something like thins spring up out of the smoking earth.

Plus it looks like he's one hell of a performer working the backing instrumentation, like a one man Japanther with just a guitar, flinging himself around with the energy that only a 19 year old with nothing to lose could possibly have.

Clear red vinyl with blue parchment printed xerox insert liner notes of a coyote who loves you so god damn much.

It's easy...get it from or paypal $6 to supersecretrecords (at)

I just released Cayote Slingshot's debut 7". He's a 19-year old from Fairfield, Iowa and is touring for the first time in February and March 2010. His influences include Neutral Milk Hotel, Titus Andronicus, Off with Their Heads, and Dillinger Four. He's been performing as Coyote Slingshot since March 2009 and also plays in another band named Porno Galactica.

Coyote is always busy either playing music, putting on shows, and making art. Some information about this can be found at his blog at He also has a website featuring a large selection of his music here. His MySpace page.

There are a total of 300 records pressed for this release; 200 black vinyl and 100 red vinyl. There are a total of 4 songs on this record. Please note in your order if you want red vinyl or black vinyl.

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