Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sonny and the Sunsets on Future Stress Recordings

I mentioned Sonny's Soft Abuse release a while back and this single from him caught my eye the other day, a long playing EP, from another label that looks pretty new on the scene, Future Stress Records.
None of these tracks are on his myspace, as of yet. Sonny has that real 70's songwriter feel for me, like Neil Young and 'Everybody knows this is nowhere'. That lazy Sunday, record spinning away feel, lots of classic instrumentation, pianos, acoustic guitar, slow lazy feel songs about drinking, love, the bullshit of life. Bottom line he's a timeless songwriter, well jack of all trades really, he's illustrating comics, crossing over in all kinds of ways. A modern Townes Van Zandt...this is life, I've got some finely crafted songs that are full of the road, hard times and the bottom of a bottle. It's real country, not that label that plays on the radio, but some kind of hard american experience.

Sonny's site says about the single:
In March of 2009, he gained another residency through The Headlands Center for the Arts to begin a large project called “100 records” in which 100 artists make 7” record covers of fictional bands that he supplies the music for. The show debuts for a five week run at Gallery 16 in San Francisco in April 2010.

Get it from Future Stress, where they still have blue and yellow swirl and bonus comics still available.

Helmed by the acclaimed songwriter, playwright, author & onetime troubadour piano man Sonny Smith, The Sunsets hail from San Francisco’s Ocean Beach district and feature a revolving door lineup that now permanently includes Kelley Stotlz, Ryan Browne and Tahlia Harbour. Friends and neighbors including John Dwyer (Oh Seas) and Tim Cohen (Fresh & Only’s) appeared to contribute to their debut LP, Tomorrow is Alright (available through our friends @ Soft Abuse Records).

Sonny & The Sunsets’ first release on Future Stress Recordings comes in the form of a four song 7”. Three of the songs were recorded at a Headlands Center for the Arts residency in March 2009, and are not featured on the full-length.

Limited quantities of black or blue-yellow vinyl; the first 100 orders will receive an exclusive comic book – Zig Speck: Phenomenal Musician, Colorful Carouser – written & illustrated by Sonny.


  1. japanther3:22 AM

    Sold. Thanks for the heads up on this while the colored vinyl and comics are still around.

    I wish they could get hooked up with a decent distro or two, 3$ S+H is kinda steep. The label is so new that their catalog is lacking (so far).

    BTW, their site said "How did you hear about us" So I put your blog as my source, and scribbled a short message about you knowing your shit. Maybe you'll get some promo/freebies?

  2. Japanther,

    Glad you picked this up, sometimes I think they might fudge the shipping to make up for super cheap vinyl price (4.50!).
    Appreciate the comments to those guys...I think knowing my shit might be a huge exaggeration, but if it works, I appreciate it.

  3. Hey, Fellas -

    Hello from Future Stress Recordings!

    Thanks for your interest & comments...

    We're actually currently in stock @ Revolver (distro)/( -- but ONLY the black vinyl.

    Not to split hairs or anything, as I know how frustrating shipping charges can be, but I basically lose money on the $3.

    Working on getting some more (amazing) artists on wax so future purchases can be bundled...

    Just to let others know the deal: there are still comics available, and each 7" comes with a free digi-download code.

    Jason, the exposure is very much appreciated. I'll be in touch via PM soon...Badass blog, by the way...

    Enjoy the vinyl,
    Kevin @ Future Stress

  4. Kevin,
    Hey thanks for checking out the lowly 7inches, I get that shipping can be annoying on both ends, let's blame the post office.
    Good to hear they're at midheaven, I can always put an order together over there.
    It's a cool release.... here's to future singles from Future Stress.

  5. japanther7:32 PM

    Totally agreed.

    Thanks Kevin, for the comment. BTW, I didn't mean to sound like such a cunt for bitching about 3 bucks. I'm just spoiled by good distros with a lot to chose from (midheavan was a great choice, like Jason said, they have so much that you can always put a little order together).

    I'll keep an eye out for future releases from this label because the blue/yellow swirl really made my day. Classic comic too, totally made my girlfriend laugh like a bastard. (of course music was great too)

  6. Thank you both for your kind & supporting wordage...I think you're officially the label's biggest fans.

    I'm working on getting another worthy 7" up & out there...Would love to get your guys' input; how best can I reach you two?

  7. kfink,
    You can email me at jdean99 at gmail.