Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trouble in Mind 4 way! Ty Segall

Just heard about this amazing 4way split of covers from Trouble in Mind records. They've been putting out a ton of stuff this year from the Fresh & Onlys and Ty Segall, and this is the 12th release already! Damn. That's the way to kick off a label.
I can't get enough of Ty Segall, he's got such a great fuzz guitar sound on every single I've ever heard, and his reverb he can pull this off with just guitar is impressive, there's a whole new sound there, it's more than just a rehash of the whole garage genre. It's great simple songwriting that doesn't show any sign of letting up anytime soon.
He killed it at DBA and Mercury Lounge, I overheard him talking with someone after the ML show saying he blew it, but I don't know what the fuck he was talking about. Seriously, don't be so hard on yourself.
Cococoma have been rocking their straight ahead dirty rock forever, all chorus with occasional organ, classic garage style. They've been doing it since the early days, and starting this label is just icing on the cake. White Wires have the whole, hanging out let's jam and get some pizza, oh and rock some jams thing down. I'd maybe want to hear this a little more raw, it's recorded a little too nice, but then again, it might get lost in the sea of we want to sound like shit. But then I check out Charlie and the Moonhearts and those frantic layers of delay and reverb sound so freaking good... to have everyone covering these classics is pretty amazing.
I have to hear this.

It doesn't show up yet on T.I.M.'s site but Midheaven's got it:
PS, US San Francisco savant TY SEGALL tackles the Bob Seger System's fiery political number "2+2=?", Chicago's COCOCOMA rip thru the Wipers' "Messenger", Ottawa punks the WHITE WIRES cover "That's the Way A Woman Is" (popularized by the Ohio Express), & San Fran/LA garage surfers CHARLIE & THE MOONHEARTS close it out with a banging version of Love's classic "Seven & Seven Is"!!! ONE TIME PRESSING ON WHITE VINYL LIMITED TO 1000, INCL. DOWNLOAD CODE


  1. japanther8:17 PM

    Good lookin out. I really like all these bands. I am also digging that Trouble In Mind sleeve thing they have going...

    Midhaven huh? Shit, that means i'm going to waste like 100$ on MORE records because they are such a big distro (not GREAT, just BIG). Although I must say, they take like 15 days to ship. Is this typical? FD is so much faster, and many small labels are too... i dunno...

  2. It definitely depends, I've had bad luck recently with Captured tracks and Tic Tac Totally, but then I read all the posts about that guy and I'll just have to wait it out. Sometimes local record stores are better for immediate gratification, but then they don't always have everything...oh well it's sad to say goodbye to a couple of bucks but then I think of all the free apology records I've gotten and it works out I guess.
    Midheaven is great, tons of good stuff, and a good source for things sold out at labels. I guess 15 days isn't so bad, maybe because they're a distro they have to care a little bit's their job.
    I'm into their sleeves also, it's great they have that cohesive look and become an easy to spot source of just plain quality. I appreciate it.
    Fusetron is always good, I've even stopped by his place to pick up my order.

  3. japanther11:28 PM

    Fusetron confuses me! I signed up for the mail order thing but i'm always too drunk to work it right. I want some of the Mike Rep & Quotas shit on their latest listing, but I'm way too drunk to figure out how. haha. Oh well. You should skype inform me some day. I'm gonna go put tears in my beers for now. Peace.

  4. Japanther is right, all the artists on this split are great. I can not tell you how catchy White Wires are on their debut from Douchmaster. They actually did the first or second single from Trouble in Mind, so there's an excuse to hear them.

    I picked this up because I'm a fan of the label and the artists, and it's really gone up in quality. The vinyl is white and the slip is thick instead of paper thing. Do you have any idea who each artist covers? Isn't is each other band on the 7 inch?

  5. It's not each others bands actually... in the italics there is the list from the label, it's a crazy mess of classics from Bob Seger to Love to the Wipers...can't wait to get it and hear their interpretations. I have to get that full length White Wires from Douchemaster...thanks.

  6. japanther6:32 PM

    Oh yeah, been meaning to actually buy that WW too. Good looking out.