Friday, July 9, 2010

Eohippus and Lonely Planet Boy split on Velocity of Sound

After I talked with Darren from Velocity of Sound this split we talked about about between Eohippus and Lonely Planet Boy showed up in the mailbox. I couldn't miss the magical glee of the cross eyed maniac on the sleeve and was shocked to see this was recorded over 10 years ago. Not to be topped by the genius Warhol grave video, this demented country track had it's own almost equally as disturbing video shot delving even further into 'Bobby' in his natural habitat.
The track 'Bisquick in Bakersfield' is a slice of pure weirdo idiosyncratic scuzzy Butthole Surfer Americana. Warbly, sludgy tempo guitars...metronome cowbell drum track... it's just so goddamn strange it could only come out of home recording under circumstances far away from any kind of scene... it a hermit-like devotion to the internal tunes. Alter ego Bobby has gone country, and instead of the albino artist he's dancing on Ween's grave.... Lots of cursing, hilarious slow drawl verses about a shitty pickup truck, the 'whitewalls turning black'. The chorus of 'Bisquick in Bakersfield' is a multi layered multiple personality choir in various states of gettin' fucked up.

Lonely Planet Boy on the B-Side is a quiet home recorded track with quiet whispered vocals and acoustic guitar until the full kit drums kick in and he's off belting out a chorus of despair. It's the serious side of the vinyl, this guy is in some kind of pain singing about becoming some kind of animal crawling around in bare feet...still pop catchy, but it's only because he's so committed.
A quiet glitchy mini machine beat leads out of the refrain and back into the organic pain!

Both tracks of diametrically opposed bedroom oddities are on light blue swirl vinyl from Velocity of Sound. They still have that deal...both singles for 8.50...that's ridiculous.

Check out the Bisquick video below:

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