Monday, August 30, 2010

Soccer Mom - Self Released

Soccer Mom contacted me about a single they just released from my second favorite city, Boston. Home to Mission of Burma and the Pixies, Boston seems to historically nurture some truly original bands. It may have something to do with the art schools, the east coast, the self marginalization of it's residents...they are outsiders to whatever popular scene is happening anywhere else. They aren't swayed by any trends, being brought up outside of them, and no one there cares about any of that bullshit. It's tempered by that physical distance from NY or Providence, they're free to make their own independent scene and be supported locally by an audience.
That's the one thing that sucks about local radio going by the wayside in most cases, they would be championing a band like this...could Mission of Burma have done it without the kind of local support they got from radio, clubs etc? I think they would have stopped paying live or releasing anything. The older you get the more pointless it seems.

A dissonant quiet distortion fades in on the Don Cab titled A-Side, 'Bill Cosby in Glamorous Chains'. Chords come in with lots of effects, a slightly Dinosaur Jr. sounding guitar melody, and layers of distortion going My Bloody Valentine even...I'm gong to have to reference a solid combination of the '90s, a couple parts shoegaze, one part jangle electric, one part alienated loner dirty fuckup sound. They ended up in the same sonic place as *Film School, referencing that era, and continuing a lot of those threads....and like Blood on the Wall they're paying as much homage as probably creating something they've been wanting to listen to in the first place. That's always a great direction, and Boston's lack of limelight might have something to do with that... blindly going where no one else is attempting to go.
Except Olympia's, Broken Water who ended up in nearly the same shoegaze-revisted, experimental guitar direction. The drums are massive, the vocals are buried in that layered way, the guitar sustained forever....I'm glad to hear this sound come back, sure I'm nostalgic for it but the guitar is still the best. I swear there's some synth sound in here, but the liner notes say otherwise. It's got an earnestness that a first single inherently has, and this could be me projecting, but between the influences on their collective sleeves, and lack of a single 7" label, they are in it sincerely for kicks, and it shows.
What they have against Bill Cosby on the other hand, I'm not really sure.

The B-Side 'High on Dad', starts with a great bassline from Danielle Deveau, and yes, just like their "It's educational!' counterparts, it's a nice enough melody that lulls you a little into thinking you know where this track is headed. By the time the vocals come in it's utterly perfect timing, to hold back for this long, I have to commend that, it's a Slint nod for me to attempt this mix of instrumental song with an explosion of vocals that are at that point in the track, unexpected. The
the washes of distortion get completely overwhelming with a soundtrack feel.This is a great B-Side, a song that's so catchy and will be some kind of staple rare track, but not played much live.
Instead of the dream pop of *Film School, which quickly became derivative shoegaze, this has strong foundations of drone and distortion experiments. That's where this is going to stay relevant is building on this great foundation. But that's where it can also go wrong. To criticize Soccer Mom in saying we've been here before, and I just want to hear the original era bands is too easily writing them off...this sound is just as valid today, especially if you fondly remember the 'alternative' and watching 120 minutes for the 2 or 3 good videos with Dave Kendall.
Damn good.

Soccer Mom is a 4-piece band from Boston, Massachusetts that began years ago, on another coast, as the individual writing and recording project for Dan Parlin. Over the course of time, and through a variety of people and places, the band absorbed new members and evolved to its current physical manifestation, featuring Dan Parlin (guitar, vocals), Danielle Deveau (bass), David Kaplan (drums), and William Scales (guitar). The band aims to explore intimate connections between contrasting ideas, finding balance between melody and dischord, clean tones and chaotic feedback. They also just like to get together and make noise. The vocals are often sparse and help to quietly deconstruct conventional song structure. Influences include but are not limited to Sonic Youth, Swervedriver, Polvo, Jawbox, My Bloody Valentine ….

Contact these guys via their facebook, or website to get a copy of label required.

The B-Side track, courtesy of Clickity Clickity Music blog:
Soccermom -- "High On Dad" by clicky clicky music blog

*=I'm only referring to the Film School who released a self titled album...the rest of their work is dead to me...and that goes for I Love You but I've chosen darkness....I've painfully come to the conclusion listening to your respective followup's not me's you.

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