Monday, November 22, 2010

Interview with Mike from People in a Position to Know Records

Last week, I talked to Michael Dixon from People in a Position to Know Records about where he gets his records pressed, some of the lessons he learned the hard way and his current collection of record lathes...that's right multiple record lathe machines....they must have some kind of giant houses in Seattle...or garages...I remember those.
Check out his future lathe cut service site.
We talked about PIAPTK's amazing releases available on his site, including a picnic plate lathe series he letterpressed himself locally, his infamous wedding favor heart shaped lathe cut series and a wire recorded single he's got planned before Feb. Eclectic handmade releases... No one is going this far recording singles with amazingly obsolete's one thing to sound lo-fi with a pro tools plug in, but it's another thing to record directly to a wire recorder and handcut a plastic picnic plate.
If you're at all interested in pressing records or this technology download the interview here. (30mb).

That's about it for this week, taking a break until next monday...I'll be eating turkey, thankful for all the singles from labels this year...coming up I have a bunch more from Electric Cowbell, Soft Abuse, Badmaster Records, Obscurist Press Records, and Fort Lowell Records.


  1. Great interview. Not familiar with any of the music you guys spoke about, but am in love with the idea of 4 record lathes in a garage (and two in the basement and another in the attic...). Good luck with the baby.

  2. Thanks. What's really crazy is that wire recorder...I'm not really sure still how it even works....and I wish I had amazing thrift stores like the ones in seattle. But just cutting records into any kind of spinning plastic is so amazing.

  3. I finally got around to listening to the interview. It really got me pumped to buy and sell records!

  4. Nice...while putting it together I convinced myself I have to go get some picnic plate lathe cuts, just because it would be a first.