Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Useless Eaters on Nashville's Dead Records

Well god damn if Seth from Useless Eaters hasn't put out yet another single, this has to make it at least 6 that I know of...with no full length...normally I wouldn't mind...in fact I even encourage the massive use of the single like this, but they have all been so great I'm selfishly looking for at least 10 or 12 songs back to back in one huge frantic burst. Like the Home Blitz album I can't get enough of...I found a lot of similarities in the two...the appropriate use of that anti-fi sound because it's so damn genius, there isn't a second to lose in getting this down, whatever way is immediately at hand. There's no masterplan in following some kind of trend. It's the most fun punk pop, with a huge spring reverb sound..the wettest, playing their hearts out and the levels reflect that. I'd like to think it's blown out because no recording equipment made can handle this raw talent, the microphones malfunction, and the input level even at 1 gets overblown. We aren't technologically advanced enough to invent a means of capturing the sound accurately yet. It's not Useless Eaters fault.

Take the Agorophobic single for example. The shining example for me of perfect sound, 3 songs, frantic, angular and punchy. The building was going down in flames around him...there's 10 minutes before the studio collapses, and this is his last 100 bucks. The blown out, cranked treble reverb is completely classic sounding and futuristic at the same time.
So I've set the bar high, but live he delivers every time....so compared to that single, which is the gold standard, this sounds more produced, but Seth just has a super unique pop punk style that makes all these singles worth getting. He's a freaking talented songwriter...who I'm hoping can carry on the Reatard torch in his own way.

Thanks to Darren at Velocity of Sound's who let me know this was available from the brand spanking new Nashville's Dead label, which couldn't be further from the truth. I for one am going to plan some kind of pilgrimage to 3rd man records one day soon...and I'm staying. I'll build a shack out of 45's out back and get a junkyard dog to guard them. I want a porch, and you can throw a nickel in my hat to hear anything you want.

Checking out Bass Drum of Death tonight at Pianos. 9PM.

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