Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love of Diagrams - In My Dream single

I forget how I came across this one...might have been a facebook post on their page, weird way to find out about a single, but when it comes to Love of Diagrams, I just want to find out somehow about their next project... and it's a seven inch preorder at that. I'll warn you, it isn't going to be cheap, coming from Australia...not sure if it's the exchange rate or what but 10 bucks plus 10 more shipping to Brooklyn. Yikes.
But it also looks like you're getting this direct from those guys, they are sitting at a desk and taping up the 7" mailer and filling out the customs form, so you're going to pay for that kind of personal attention, not to mention 2 new tracks, the A-Side, "In my Dream", feels like they're tipping towards a Brilliant Colors, Reading Rainbow more pop sound...but I'll admit I've been stuck on Mosaic since '07, and have to get caught up with their other more recent full length, but those sludgy, huge riffs seem to have been traded in for a focus on more layered pop melody. At least on first listen. I'm glad I was able to catch them once at Death by Audio, thousands of miles from home...even better live.
The B-Side, "Too Long", is of course my favorite, not just because it's the B-Side dammit...but because it reminds me of "Ms V Export", that driving swaying rhythm right from the beginning that is just huge, great vocal harmony in this one...which seem to overall be recorded lighter somehow so they have a more indie pop sound, closer to Dog Day, or Grass Widow.

They're great... go check out their bandcamp page, where you can order this direct from those guys, and like those credit card commercials...that's priceless.


  1. I always forget about this band 'till they pop up with something like this. Still just as excellent as ever.

  2. Agreed. Not prolific enough!