Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Impo and the Tents on Alleycat Records

Impo and the Tents...like the Test Icicles, not in style, just the clever chop of a name. This three piece from Sweden is similar in punk energy which seems more directed towards the kind of bubblegum art pop...a combination of Hunx and the Punk with Art Brut.

"Don't give me your number" starts out the A-Side, and everything I said before about this being power punk is true...this is massive in scale and recording. Muted chord bursts, the clam before the storm, letting loose for a verse explosion. Chugging away on the stuttered strangled chords because they're about to set it loose with a Devo style nasal vocal going way into the high range, seriously competent delivery with out much effects.
Sounding like The Futureheads, they have these powerful instincts they're running right towards a masterplan. The heavy delivery with lots of layered chorus, all crispy recorded, patiently waiting for a replay. "Foureyes" has more of these massive riffs, with a slight wavery reverb on the downstrum. All coming up with a real crooning 50's Shannon and the Clams bubblegum sound with dirt on their sleeves singing about thier lady with glasses. They can consistently get this blown out, loud sound with next to nothing instrument-wise according to the linber notes.

B-Side's "Eating From my Hand" is super spazz riffs jamming away... slightly grittier on this side, the vocals are really sharing the soundscape this time, in a more balanced mix. It's that kind of self righteous punk, but with this sort of nerdy edge...hence the comic sleeve. All energy is in service of the tune, rehearsed ad infinitum. "Tonight" leaves the final side strumming their hearts out with that big gated guitar sound, I know it hasn't been that long, but this is a 4 song EP at 45 after all. They have seriously been keeping up this frantic pace.

On heavy blue vinyl with lyric insert from Alleycat records or through Interpunk Distro.

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