Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Belt of Vapor on Whoa! Boat Records

I've been staring at this single from Belt of Vapor trying to figure out what kind of weird psych could be behind those crazy lady vampire eyes, turns out this is the latest seven inch offering from Seattle's Whoa! Boat Records and is a hard rocking dirge of a punk blast from this three piece.

A-Side's "Buck" launches with a heavy low end crunchy guitar burst and booming percussion, the bass line comes together in growling chords. Aaron has this hardcore At The Drive In delivery, belting out vocals about this dude that is pissing him off, really pissing him off. Half hoarse and completely melodic, he's keeping up the cathartic energy in the middle of this changing tempo. The guitar drops down into that deep chorus only to come back to this high complex melody. It's fairly technical, creating a nervous tension in fits and starts, but never gets bogged down in the mathy equations, it stays focused on this heavy groove.
B-Side's "Genius/Failure" then gets into a real complex guitar line in and out of sync with the equally free form kind of funk bassline. Aaron is off on his own path, carving his way from underneath this increasingly post hardcore sound. Another set of vocals plays off Aaron's yelling and the whole thing drops out into a slow jazzy electric sound, a chance for Justin on drums to work out his own off kilter tempo. Aaron's easing off the vocal for a second until this whole piece starts back into the epic refrain, all hands on deck blasting towards the rocks. Impossible fills and drawn out distorted bass beating while the guitar continues it's high delicate thread. They work in extreme's, all or nothing, and like this song title are never down the middle.

The first hundred on green, the rest on black vinyl with download card on Whoa! Boat Records.

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