Thursday, August 2, 2012

Slow Learners on Scumbuzz Records

Paul from the Ketamines and Mammoth Cave Records passed this one from the Slow Learners to me at his show a while back at Death by Audio, these guys are from Vancouver and this single was released a little less than a year ago on ScumBuzz Records.

A-Side "Grocery Store" has a completely massive sound, blowing out from the first second of this thing, ginormous guitar melody line that just explodes into this super fuzz, running at incredible speed, vocally he's taking it's time over this fuzz, sort of a crisper No Age style blowout headed for the very top of the peak. It drops down to the bassline and a tight snare... they're playing with the dynamics of this thing but they have a hard time with the softer moments, they can't even let themselves get there, it's an afterthought, it constantly feels like they're itching to rock. The laid back delivery of the slow coach vocal gets hissy, but the static guitars are driving this thing, the melody comes back and this time he's nearly yelling "What on earth is wrong with me!", appropriate. Perfect single material, with the tingly chord changes that need to be heard again. Still recorded clean in spite of the massive volume all the way down to that guitar melody then bringing it back to that epic peak of chorus again, everyone joining in taking it out in even bigger and bigger waves of volume. That massive ungrounded hum left behind is the only trace of the cavernous hole they've just left behind.

B-Side, "Your friends' has those heavy guitars back again and that splitting snare. More attitude this time, even sounding a little bit of that '50s rock and roll garage sound. The past would never dare blow out the guitar like this, but the oo wa's belong in the bubblegum age. No change in volume, this one is on the straight and narrow blowout sound. At string breaking speed, slight echo on the vocal that's buried by this cranking electric, or the layers of effects. Super garage pop, hardly any low end on this whole disc, mastered in the higher ranges to take advantage of that hiss so the the kick barely registers, and really that would just be too much beat let's face it. I'm already exhausted.

black vinyl with download card on ScumBuzz Records.

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