Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Curse / White Murder on Doormat/Drawingroom Records

Got another single from Drawing Room Records sister label, Doormat Records from Jeff, who turns out goes to the Word book store bookclub group we've both been attending for a while. The seven inches world got a little bit smaller, and if I wasn't talking about these already I'd definitely be tracking them down, the guy knows music, all kinds of music and just wants to get quality stuff out there he stands behind...exactly what singles have always been about...a financially ruinous way to show you REALLY care about the music. Isn't it enough to see a show, or buy a CD? JEff says no.

This one is a split from Family Curse (NO 'THE") out of Brooklyn and LA's White Murder, I was a little familiar with Family Curse from their first single on Drawing Room a little while back and A-Side's "Middle Age America" has it's speed pop punk sights sent on the rapidly shrinking middle class. They're losing their McMansions and jobs at AIG, and Family Curse wants you to know it's their own damn fault. These guys seem to be working right on the serrated edge of a post hardcore and catchy punk, they list Drive Like Jehu as an influence and that's a good place to start. Erick Bradshaw has a similar powerful delivery while this rhythm section of punchy distortion and speed time signatures keeps things in perfect tight unison. Mindblowingly quick, it's all a burst of that old school punk attitude of anything on Alternative Tentacles, the evils of Corporations and Nostalgia with a polish and craft of the Hot Snakes, going straight for the suburban jugular with the chops to back it up.
B-Side's "Breakdown" from White Murder sounds like a dirtier garage located take on that post punk sound, the guitar holds the sustained bends a little longer, it's got just a hint of a blues distortion in a sort of Rocket from the Crypt way, but the vocals in unison from Hannah and Mary give this a unique slant on that cocky, leather jacket punk. Reminding me of the tougher sounds of The Coathangers, or going back even to Bratmobile, but with a polished sheen on the old dirty punk. Chugging along, they leave room for that overdrive solo, and a whispery breakdown before ending with an all out repeated chorus, "Shut the fuck up! / Motherfucker!" You'd be surprised how those two lines go together. Two coasts, in a nice pissing contest over the never ending bullshit that can be life sometimes. But at least this single should do the trick for a little while after you get that foreclosure notice. I'm talking to you america. Jeff and I are too busy spending the tiny amounts of saved money we have pressing singles. The bank can't take my records away...right?

Most Vertical Primate Erickelric from Family Curse was interviewed about the connection between these two for the Village Voice, check it out.

On black vinyl, download card with scrawled messages (duh) in the gutter on Drawing room / Doormat Records.

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