Friday, September 14, 2012

K9 Sniffies on Urinal Cake Records

Got a new one in today from Urinal Cake Records who put out that great Johnny Ill Band full length a while back, and with this one, UC seems to be extending it's scuzz rock reach out from Detroit to Ann Arbor, Michigan to snare the dirty, massive psych sound of K9 Sniffies.

"Rawsonville" the A-Side track comes on pounding heavy with a massive crashing rhythm that never lets up on the rolling tom fill to bashing cymbals beat...a thick blanket of distorted guitar lays in that solid foundation of fuzz and low levels of howling low end drone. Another track of lead blown out squealing scuzz handles the solo melodies between verses of gravelly bellows in a haze of a freak out cavern. This is out to overwhelm like the Mayyors at any volume, a dense wall of classic '70s metal sounds and the tight fist of Earth's scary drones. Unholy neverending blast of a hard living fueled furnace of hell. Way to open a single with a throbbing mass like this.
B-Side's "The Mask" blasts right into another rager, this time leaning towards that Cramps or Deadbolt evil, echo-y, biker chick charm, the vocals have a big echo on the howl. Something other than guitar providing the underlying rhythm like that dark carnival ride. But that could be the layers of guitars building up swaths of fuzz, completely in effects spazz mode, coming off with that high tremolo of a theremin for god's sake. They all bleed together, the metal, the muff, the overdrive...heavy repeated lines with a hell of a impenetrable sound.

Eleanor at Afraid of Daily Living blog and WCBN Ann Arbor has a great live set of these guys in the WCBN studio, and a great show in general I might add.....

On white vinyl with xerox insert and sweet, anti-design sleeve that says, we must ROCK and spend time on the music inside, not on our computers. From Urinal Cake Records.

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