Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ultras S/C's on Cass Records

Just heard about this Ultra S/C single from Ben over at Cass Records, featuring Cheetah (Immortal Lee County Killers, Quadrajets) Swank (Soledad Brothers, Pewabic Pottery) and Jemina (Be Your Own Pet, Cheap Time). First of all when was Jemina in Cheap Time? Where have I been...Jeff Novak and Jemina? Have to track that down, I'm curious what kind of duo vocal that would be, and how her typically dirty scuzz punk would work with Jeff's intensely crafted glam rock.
Well, this debut single from Ultra S/C seems to be a similar kind of combination of like parts. Sounds like it should be a real meaty blues punk sound if that soundcloud track is any indication. Jemina has a pretty ridiculous vocal, she manages to scream in her upper register while still sounding like there's a lot of control there. Nestled in this echo it's a real thick, clean sound. The guitar has that crisp electric distortion, jacked up high treble range...even going for a screaming wah. Nice to hear this kind of rowdy noise again...that track below completely devolves into losing their shit at the end, crashing everything actually kind of drowning Jemina out which shouldn't be possible, but they're pushing this pummeling noise all the way to the end.

You can pick this up from Cass Records, sample a completely different track "Black Face Time" below.

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