Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A love dedication to the seven inch format from Tomlab Records

Two in one day, it's insane. I remember picking up a couple of these here and there as they went on sale years ago....I think I have the Final Fantasy and maybe the Erase Errata single...I kind of thought it was a myth that they did every letter! This must have taken years to put out, and now all collected together? This is completely insane. I also kind of hope that they press this entire thing up every couple of years or so (yea right) because it's slightly out of my price range at the moment...although that Umlaut series with Mt Eerie and R. Stevie Moore might be possible....and then I get an awesome empty box to taunt me the rest of my life!

I also love that they go as far as to not put any of these out as digital downloads. They are as hardcore as 7 inches. Mp3's don't exist. My ipod listens to podcasts. I read that irony article in the NY Times and I worry that 7inches is feeding in to that. I just like records man...a lot. Take it easy.

What a liar.

THE TOMLAB ALPHABET SINGLES SERIES BOX SET concludes an eight year series with a total of 30 x 7 inch records. It started in 2004 with the letter "A" and did not come to an end with the letter "Z" since the German alphabet includes the additional "Umlaut" letters "Ä", "Ö", "Ü", and the special character "ß".

Available solely via www.tomlab.com and our online partner ANOST (DE).

Official dealer price:
175 EURO (incl. 19% VAT) for the full box set
35 EURO (incl. 19% VAT) for the "empty" box with 4 Umlaut Singles + 2 empty sleeves

Inquire by email to alphabetseries@tomlab.com for special shipping rates to your country.

This series is limited to 100 complete box sets.

Only 60 box sets are made available to the public.

In parallel 70 “empty” boxes are sold including the Umlaut series “"Ä", "Ö", "Ü" & "ß".

The Umlaut Series will officially be available through EU distribution starting 2013.

The following artists have contributed mostly exclusive recordings to the entire series.

(A)Mark Robinson vs. FLIM (B)Pups (C)Nathan Michel (D)Misha (E)P:ano (F)Simon Bookish (G)Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (H)Ninja High School (I)Seabear vs. Grizzly Bear (J)Hank (K)The Blow (L)Les Georges Leningrad (M)Max Tundra (N)The Curtains (O)Son (P)Dat Politics (Q)Alig Fodder (R)Tussle (S)Islands (T)The World Court (U)Erase Errata (V)The Dead Science (W)Numbers (X)Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett) (Y)Bobby Conn (Z)Parenthetical Girls (Ä)Nicholas Krgovich (Ö)Mount Eerie (Ü)Key Loosers (ß)R. Stevie Moore

Since this series is a love dedication to the 7 inch format no digital formats are available from Tomlab.


  1. I ordered a set yesterday. SO EXCITED!

  2. You lucky BASTARD! Whatever you do, don't put them online. Keep the mystery alive.

  3. I'm only going to listen to it on headphones when I'm home by myself. MEGAMYSTERY!

  4. I'm working on a show called 7inch hoarders, do you want to be in the pilot?

  5. Yes please, especially if the boxes and boxes of records I have in my house for my label count toward my hoarding score! :P

  6. All records count!
    Can you still walk is the question.
    My 7" hoarding score is 347,845.