Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nervous Patterns / River City Tanlines split - SECRET RECORD SOCIETY Edition on Red Lounge Records

I don't even know what to make of this release from Red Lounge Records that Rocco from Disordered pointed out to me yesterday. They're based out of Germany so it makes sense I would have never come across them at the record store, but they've put out a couple of Digital Leather singles and a Midnight Snaxxx full length. Rocco knows I need to know about all thing Jay Reatard related and here comes this insanely elaborate Nervous Patterns / River City Tanlines single with the other half of all Jay's side projects, Alija Trout. Of course I have to hear both of these tracks, and that would be enough, honestly. But Red Lounge went as far as to press this crazy edition where the Alija side of the graphic is printed in glow in the dark ink and the Jay side is a match striking surface (what is that called anyway?).

They even customize the record with your name, so you don't go putting this on ebay. They seem pretty hardcore about being about producing stuff for people that will really cherish these artifacts like the pure gold that they are.
I think people get mad at ebay for the wrong reasons, for jacking up the prices of record store day stuff or limited first pressings like this, but I don't have a problem with it...are you a jerk for buying ten copies of this and turning around to resell them on ebay? Part of me thinks it's fine...if these sold out at the source immediately then that would be the only way to get one. I'm never going to make it to third man to get a tricolor record (well hopefully someday) so if I want one then I have to save my money and really really want it. If I couldn't get around like I can now...I guess I imagine my old man self who only spends money on records and can't leave the house because of the piles of records. At least I'll be able to buy this on eebay. It makes me feel better.
This single is even on splatter red / black vinyl. So lucky for me and you you can paypal them right now for this split. Haven't heard the tracks but in this case it is entirely irrelevant. Get it from Red Lounge Records.

Did I mention I should also be an old AND rich man.

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