Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Ten singles for 2012

The Top Ten 7Inches List

I called up my buddy Darren over at Velocity of Sound Records to do our annual top ten podcast and we decided to only allow singles that had exclusive tracks to the format.
Songs that weren't available any other way.
Why the 7" single is still great.
The clinking you hear occasionally is some holiday egg nog.
Thank you labels and artists for sending your singles my way.

Darren's Top Ten list:

10. Zig Zags “Monster Wizard” b/w “Turbo Hit” on Tubesteak Tuesday Records

09. Neighbours “Real Talk” b/w “Without You” on Get Hip Recordings

08. Total Control “Scene From A Marriage” b/w “Contact” on Sub Pop

07. Shannon and The Clams - “Gremlins Crawl” b/w “White Rabbit” (Jefferson Airplane) on Volar Records

06. Single Mothers “Single Mothers” EP on Secret Voice Records

05. Slug Guts - “Stranglin’ You Too EP on HoZac Hookup Klub

04. Ranch Ghost “New News” b/w “The Water” on Jeffery Drag Records

03. Nones “Shake Your Brain” EP on HoZac Hookup Klub

02. Natural Child - “Mother Nature’s Child” b/w “Bodyswtchers Part II” on Jeffery Drag Records

01. Stephen Malkmus/L.A. Guns on Matador Records Singles Going Home series.

Jay's Top 10:

10. Ceiling Stares on Darren's own Velocity of Sound Records

9. Lizard Kisses / My Friend Wallis - self released

8. The Wheelers "Bubix" EP (oops just realized this came out in 2011 - ed) Thanks interns.
Blood on the Vinyl Records

7. Hot Lunch on Who Can You Trust Records

6. Adam Widener on Fuzz City Records

5. Love Handles - on West Palm Beotch Records

4. Cheap Time on Sweet Rot Records

3. The Lilys / Big Troubles on Speakertree Records

2. Spider Bags / The Love Language on Tangible Format Records

1. Ariel Pink / R. Stevie Moore on PIAPTK records

Download the MP3 here, a massive HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES!

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