Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jody Seabody and the Whirls on Artificial Head Records

"What would happen if I combined prog metal with psych-hardcore? Is that even a thing?" The witch on the sleeve was asking herself while reading about the guys in Jody Seabody (maybe that's her?) and the Whirls. "I'll just sprinkle in a dash of math and post hardcore - maybe a little emo?" Oh shit this thing is getting out of control...and I really should have worn some pants in the middle of the woods at night.

A-Side's "Some Witch" comes in with that familiar click countdown to a minimal cymbal jazz solo with vocals delivered into a big reverb, the studio mic picking it all up taped to that PA. Where's the rest of the band? That thin sound off in the distance is going to swoop in any second snarling up solos to snap everything back to 2015. They only wanted to mess with expectations as this slower jangle section coasts into melodic vocals from a different guy while that hoarse and broken scream is back opening up this crunchy, gated punk. They keep this back and forth going with the introspective sounding narrator has that screaming conscience on his shoulder and the track bursts into that chorus again. You're never sure of where this thing has been as those different influences keep unexpectedly popping up.
On B-Side's "Everybody Wants To Talk About Tuesday" riffs grind down the three chord changes to pauses for a talky back and forth between the lead and the rest of the band singing that title lyric. The whole thing is about how useless that day of the week is, which must be a first. Saturday's alright to party and Tuesday? We'll give it our best shot with this "TV Party" style choir of drunken dudes. Sticking more to the punk they keep this sounding like the late '70s and probably can't wait to add it to their next Tuesday show setlist. The yelling fades away into a twinkling synth and quiet chanting that's barely audible. This has to be satanic. The voices get layered and they have to be working for that witch now. I'm not going to play this backwards. OH GOD HELP ME ITS A LOCKED GROOVE!

Get this from Artificial Head Records.

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