Monday, February 2, 2015

Preorder GRIZZLOR / BARREN WOMB tour split EP on Riotous Outburst Records

Grizzlor's thunderous sludge is back on seven inch vinyl, this time on a split with another part of the world known for taking metal to an extreme; Norway. Barren Womb is a duo playing a similar breed of fast, rumbly combination of genres and somehow these two found each other and are heading out on tour in a couple of months. This is a preorder for their split, the first hundred on smoke vinyl and they might be saving a few for their merch table.

The Grizzlor track these guys sent to preview "It's All Bullshit" (below) comes on hard and fast with a mini explosion of a snare driving this cycling maddening guitar pattern. The vocals are pushed to the back, shoved down in the mix with crazy plate reverb effects or a gurgly submerged feel. Their volume comes with an insane discipline to keep everything perfectly landing on the hits together in unsettling bursts. This thing deliberately falls apart into scraping metal chaos only to revisit this main rhythm even harder and stronger. These guys are the best kind of noise that plays with ugly sounds manipulating them into even more twisted shapes, the hardcore metal is a thin skeleton to hang their real weirdness.
From what I've heard of Barren Womb, like any duo they have to work harder than everyone else and the drums are mic'd in a giant hard empty room while that detuned guitar or bass has Rat pedals chained together for a real deep scuzzy sound like a Death from Above 1979 and Japanther project. Should be a good show.

03/22 New Orleans, LA @ The BEATnik
03/23 Jacksonville, FL @ Shantytown Pub
03/24 Atlanta, GA @ Swayze's Venue
03/25 Knoxville, TN @ The Poison Lawn
03/26 Columbus, OH @ The Summit
03/27 Louisville, KY @ Third Street Dive
03/28 Chicago, IL @ Wally’s
03/29 Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary
03/30 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
03/31 Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar
04/01 Providence, RI @ The Funky Jungle
04/02 Boston, MA @ O'Brien's Pub
04/03 New Haven, CT @ Three Sheets
04/04 New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall

Preorder this from Riotous Outburst Records or pick it up on their tour together the beginning of March.

Preview below:

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