Friday, February 13, 2015

Talbot Adams on Market Square Records

Talbot Adams has been in a bunch of projects over the years beginning with The Royal Pendletons who's first single was released twenty years ago. Since then he's played in The Black And Whites (their first single was on Shattered Records RIP) and Dutch Masters before heading out on his own on the "Jack and Jesse EP" from Douchemaster Records in 2010. This year he's got a full length out on Spacecase Records and this single on Paul Messis' label Market Square Records who've been consistently introducing me to new psych that's in line with a lot of Paul's own recordings. If you want to hear more of this stuff you have to go press it up yourself and figure you aren't the only one that's going to want to hear the hazy layers of this single, recorded and produced by Cole Furlow of Dead Gaze if I can drop one more name into this intro.

A-Side's "Green Girl" starts in a slow, big room stomp beat introducing an organ out of the left channel in a perfect slice of psych pop. I'm loving the layered, separate pieces of this, the isolated tambourine or that bassline, it figures that was Talbots instrument of choice in those previous projects, this one will stick with you. You have to appreciate something that this much attention has been paid to these pieces, from the shimmery metallic background acoustic to that solitary heavy cymbal hit punched in after the fact. Like a laid back Adam Widener there's an optimistic easygoing pop sound that you'll definitely want to keep coming back to, the perfect A-Side where time is slowed down just for a minute or so.
B-Side's "I Love You So" opens with a see saw tom rhythm over a shaker that expands that single beam into a prism rainbow with the heavy layering going on here. Somehow it expertly stays light and laid back with a focus more on Talbot's vocal here with plenty of backup la's and Talbot under heavy echo lining up multiple takes in this cathedral space soaring even higher than that A-Side. Falling into a dense cartoon ray of sunshine there's no way to get through this thing and still feel like things are shitty. Stop being a cynical bastard, people can be happy, even you sometimes.

Check out this great interview with Talbot that Ryan Leach did at Bored Out.

Pick this up from Paul and Market Square direct or locally from distros like Goner Records.

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