Friday, October 28, 2005

Animal Collective - Grass 7 inch.

I'm sure this won't be around very long, even at the high price of $5.99. Fat Cat released it, as well as the 'who could win a rabbit' 7 inch, which is really cool. I love 45's that really take advantage of the medium. The band isn't just releasing a few couple of tracks that are on the CD single. No way. With the B side on 'rabbit', I think the record grooves are closed circles, or have been closed half way...anyway the needle completely jumps from one circle to the next all over the side, it's crazy, different every time and completely random. Even when bands run the track all the way into the center ring and loop it. That's just using a cool aspect of records that doesn't exist with anything else. I'm hoping they do something like that, but I'm sure it will be cool anyway. The point is it's on Fat Cat records here but that's in england and you have to figure out pounds. You're better off finding at a record store near you or I guess ebay for this one.

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