Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Silver Jews,

It's impossible to find anywhere online where new vinyl 7 inches for indie bands are listed. I thought I might be able to help someone else out, or at least have something compiled from all these different labels and side projects. I'll try to find where to get them straight from the record companies and not record stores. It's not comprehensive or most up to date, just what I've come across lately...and with that, onto the things I'm thinking about today:

The new silver jews/will oldham split seven inch, berman on one side, will oldham on the other. Mr. Jews. Wish I could get get it, it's going for like 30 bucks on ebay, I think that's where I came across it, and thought it was some old collaboration, then I started seeing a million copies popping up all for insane 'buy it now' prices. I guess this was some release given to record stores? I don't know how they determine pressing and distribution with these things. Looks cool, he's on the new silver jews record so I'm assuming they recorded a couple extra tracks. I can't find out if this label ever existed, or they just made up some name for this pressing.